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Filtering Values for a list by date range

Question asked by JMillerSki on Aug 7, 2009
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Filtering Values for a list by date range


I have a series of values with a start date and end date.  I want to make a value list of these for a drop down box.  So like this:

Table 1 Fields : Start Date, End Date, TargetValue


I want to populate a field in Table 2 with the targetvalue list where Start Date <= Get(CurrentDate) <=End Date


That way I get all of the values that are current.  I think a self join figures in somewhere but I'm new to FM (working in a demo version for now) and can't get it to work.  


Thanks in advance.


(I tried a calc field where the filter was :


FilterValues ( tAdSchedule::Source Code; tAdSchedule::Run Date ≤ Get(CurrentDate) ≤ tAdSchedule::End Date)


to no avail)