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    Filtering with conditional value lists



      Filtering with conditional value lists


      Hi everyone,

      Sorry if this ends up being a question that has been asked endless times, i swear i have spent a good two hours googling it!

      In my example i have two tables, People and Tasks.

      there is a one to many relationship between People and Tasks where each person can have multiple tasks yet each task can only have one person.

      This relationship is done through a primary key in the People table to a foreign key field in the Task table. 

      What I need is on the task layout to have the foriegn key field be populated by a popup value list from People.

      However I only want the People records who's field Staff = "Yes" to appear in the value list.

      To try and do this I made another TO of People called People_Staff and related the primary key with the X relationship to the Tasks foreign key and where the Staff field in People matched a calculated field called FilterStaff that equalled "Yes" in the tasks table, so:

      People_Staff::Primarykey X Tasks::Foriegnkey


      People_Staff::Staff = Tasks::FilterStaff

      I then made a conditional value list based on People_staff that only showed related records starting from Tasks.

      Unfortunately, when i try to use this popup it just says  <no values defined>.