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Filtering/Showing Records Based on logged-in User?

Question asked by MorkAfur on Sep 17, 2012
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Filtering/Showing Records Based on logged-in User?



     When I enter a layout, I only want to see (be able to browse at all) those records for which the userName field matches the logged in User (Get(AccountName)).

     However, I don't see anyway to do this. If I try to do a Find[] command, it expects me to enter static text, not a calculation, so no way to enter Get(AccountName) to filter the Find.

     If I try to filter records in Permissions, then all I can do is make them not accessible, but they still are scrollable.

     Say you have 50,000 records and only two of them are for user "Bob". What I'd like to have happen when you go into that layout is only the records for "Bob" appear and are scrollable. So I should only see two records when I click next.

     How to do this kind of auto-filtering?