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Filters in Reports

Question asked by AmjadMiandad on Jul 22, 2013
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Filters in Reports


     Hi friends,


     Sorry to say that there is very few data or tutorial available to guide through report generation and designs or may be its my ignorance that I couldn't find enough yet.


     I have designed or created some reports from my database, but I'm stuck at few things, lets say if my data is like asset entry which contains

     i.e. my form with sample data

     Asset Name:  Laptop/Table/Chair/LCD/Projector

     Asset Category: IT Equipments/General Equipments/Furniture/Electrical Equipments

     Custodian: John/Timmy/Daisy

     Location: regional offices/office

     Date of Purchased: different dates

     Date Taken Over: some dates for custodian taken over the asset

     Warranty: Yes/No

     Warranty Status: Valid ( - - - days remaining)/Expired


     How can I easily setup a system if I need to creat a report for Only Laptops so it may show me details of all the laptops we have, or using a field of custodian so it may generate a report having specific fields to show which assets this custodian have, and if I would have to create a report mentioning date range for purchase or hand over or take over etc. also could create a report for nearly expiring assets.