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Financial Account Analysis

Question asked by eibcga on May 14, 2011
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Financial Account Analysis


Hello all,
I'm a beginner using FMPAv3 on Mac OS X 10.6.7.  I designed a basic database that helps analyze financial transactions in various ways using standard double-entry bookkeeping journal entries.  It suits my needs so far, but I'd like to add more features, etc. as I learn new skills in FileMaker.
I'm trying to automate these steps in FileMaker using a script, etc. Here are the steps I currently do manually in FileMaker:
1) Enter the LEDGER layout in table view (LEDGER tracks JOURNAL details or line items)
2) Do a Find on all account ID’s that pertain only to revenue and expenses.
3) Enter the layout called Allocated Revenue/Expense which is based on LEDGER table occurrence. 
4) The layout will show me all transactions for the period based on the found set in step 2
5) I’m interested in all transactions in step 4 listed on the layout where the total is zero. (at present the found set from step 2 shows ALL transactions affecting revenue and expense accounts only, whether they total to zero or not)
6) Based on the “found set” in step 5 of transactions I see with or without zero totals, I do a new Find in the LEDGER layout table view for all transaction ID’s which only had zero totals in step 5.
I was hoping I could have FileMaker do all this for me automatically in some way, or at least automate most of these steps.
Below is my relationships graph.  Thanks very much for your help.  If you need more details please ask.