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    Financial report script



      Financial report script


      Hello everyone,


      I have a question that must have been dealt with somewhere before but for the life of me I can't find it.


      I have a simple debit credit list setup and I want to create a report that will show strarting and ending balances for each month and a YTD balance as well. Most of that I have achieved. My question is how to create a report that will take the ending balance of one month and automatically use that as the starting balance for the next month. Right now I can sort by Month name and get running totals for that month but I need to have the start balance for one month be the ending balance from the month before. I guess I already said that though.


      I have been using Filemaker for some time but I am entirely self taught and this one may need me to set variables which I have not learned to do yet.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          I may be missing something here. You've posted:


          "Right now I can sort by Month name and get running totals for that month"


          If they are running totals, then the balance from the previous month is automatically the starting balance for the current month unless you've selected the "Restart Summary for each sorted group option."  If you have, you can either clear this option, or ( if you need the restarted running total in other areas) define a second summary field with the running total option selected, but don't select the restart option for it.

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            You are indeed correct.


            The real problem it turns out is that I had the wrong field in the sub summary part. My God the years are not being good to me.


            Thanks for your time. Sorry for the trouble.