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Find "All" Value List

Question asked by ClayReed on Dec 5, 2012
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Find "All" Value List


     I have a drop down list that performs a find for  project records that are either "Complete" or "Active". The result displays only projects that match that criteria. What I want to do is add "All" as a selection so when selected would display "Completed" and "Active" projects at the same time. I obviously don't want to add "All" to my value list because when a project is marked as "Complete" for "Active", "All" would display in the value list.

     My current set up:
     The drop down list is using a global field in the "Projects" table named "g_SearchProjectStatus" and using values from a "ProjectStatus" list. I created a variable script (see image) to "find".

     My thinking (to make this work) would be to create another value list containing "Complete", "Active" and "All" and use that instead of the current value list? Then modify my script to somehow perform a find for both values and thus becoming "All". Any help would be appreciated.