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find - * vs omit ==

Question asked by walrus28 on Nov 3, 2014
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find - * vs omit ==


I am having trouble understanding the difference between of using * and Omit == in Find. 

*           0 or more unknown characters

==        Match entire field

It seems to me that both Find * should show all records, but as it does not, I have presumed that it shows all records with nonempty values in the field searched. This would be the same as Find Omit ==. However, the two finds do not give the same results. I would like to know the exact meaning of find * 

Ex. #1: In a particular text field, Find * yields 789 records while Find Omit == yields 794. 

Ex. #2: In a particular calculation field, Find * yields 644 records while Find Omit == yields All records.