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Find / Omit Records in a Script

Question asked by jeffd on Jul 17, 2013
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Find / Omit Records in a Script


     In a script, what is the correct script steps in the following;

     In computing sales taxes I have a State Tax chart with several sub-types of General Tax, Commercial Tax, Forestry Tax and Agriculture Tax. All have different tax rates. Then another table for County Taxes with sub-types of General Tax, Auto Tax and Manufacturing Tax. All with different rates.

     What I would like to do is when a user first starts a script and selects a State "General" Tax rate, then for the County Taxes I find all the Counties within the specified State for the "General" Tax choices and omit all the remaing county options of "Auto" and "Manufacturing". This I can accomplish easily. The part I can figure how to accomplish is when a user begins this script and finds a State "Commercia" Tax rate, then for the County Options I want to show ALL County tax options EXCEPT for the "General" tax choices.

     How should this script step look like?