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Find / Replace all but certain values

Question asked by RonaldCarr on Apr 3, 2013
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Find / Replace all but certain values


     I have a field named Availability which I want to contain only FT or PT or ANY.

     If the value in this field is anything else, I want to move the value to a field AvailabilityComments and Null value the field Availability.

     I have been trying to run Omit queries to restrict the values to non-acceptable values per above, but can't get Omit to work on constrained view: i.e., if I omit "PT" then Constrain and try to omit "FT" I end up with nothing.


     My assumption was that if I ended up with a constrained view of non-acceptable values I could run a script to move values and Null Availability.

     Maybe i just have the wrong approach?