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Find all records with a booking on a date x days in the future

Question asked by SB_1 on Feb 6, 2012
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Find all records with a booking on a date x days in the future



I have a database with many records each relating to a participant in a trial. My aim is to send them appointment reminders 3 days prior to their visits. All their booking dates are contained in one table. 

I have found how to find people with a booking date either in the future, today or in the past. Also I can find those within a range of fixed dates. I cannot however figure out how to find only those subjects with a booking date 3 days from today as today is always changing as the year goes on.

Todays date needs to be entered automatically to avoid user error. I have made a field in the same table so each record has a cell with todays date + 3 in it. This field is updated every day prior to the trying to find those who are due in 3 days. When I quick find for records where the Booking Date field = Todays Date + 3 field I get alot of records where those fields don't match. 

There is probably some simple soloution I have missed. 

Anyones help would be much appreciated.