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Find and display a related field

Question asked by CharlesVogan on Feb 21, 2012
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Find and display a related field


Help!  I'm brand new at this. 

I figured out how to set up a layout for our school class schedule for the year, and I even figured out the drop down list!  That's about as far as I can get without getting into exotic stuff, right?

What I can't figure out is how to get that classID to go out to the related field from the classes file and bring back the class name, and write it on the screen where I have the xxxx's. Does this involve a script? Variables?  Triggering?  All this is new to me, and I can't figure it out from any directions I've looked at.  Supposedly I can get that field - but displaying it is beyond me. 

Step by step directions for a novice, please? If I can do this, I'm home free.