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Find and Omit in FM Pro 9

Question asked by TuxfordC on Dec 26, 2009
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Find and Omit in FM Pro 9


This is more of an observation than a question,  comment from an expert would be welcomed.


In writing  scripts to select specific groups of records from a list, the Find and Omit operations

worked properly for me - until I changed one of them so that Omit came before a Find

instruction in the set-up box.


     After this change, the  Omit worked properly but the following Find failed. I tried this on another

script, exactly the same result. In a script where a found set needs to be refined by omitting different

criteria, unless 'Find' is stated before  'Omit', the selection process does not do as instructed.


Changed them back to put the Find first, everything behaved properly.


    I could not see any reference to this in the Help notes, is there a comment that I have missed?


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