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Find and open related record from other layouts in a separate window?

Question asked by ya on Sep 5, 2009
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Find and open related record from other layouts in a separate window?




I have created an art collection database with a number of layouts for a variety of programs we have. Is it possible to write a script to call upon the related record across all layouts, and open the result in a separate window?


To be more specific:

There are layout A, B, C, D, and E in the file. Each layout has a set of fields that are specific to the program. The constants will be names (first and last) and work title. There are buttons on ever page allowing the user to switch through layouts (programs) upon a click. So far, the database works pretty well up to this point.


Since records in layout A are objects often relevant to projects in either layout B, C, D, or E, I would like to create a "View Related Record" button (in layout A only) and show the find result in a separate window. For example, if layout A-record 01 is relevant to layout B-record 09, the script should be able to locate and open that specific record in layout B in a separate window. If layout A-record 15  is relevant to layout C-record 29, the same action will be performed upon the click of a button.


So far, I can only succeed by making four separate buttons, each pointing to a specific layout (and they don't always work properly). 


Will you please let me know if my idea is feasible and how to??


Thank you very much!