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Find and Replace

Question asked by chf on Apr 30, 2015
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Find and Replace



I have a database, and it has over 5000 records. About 4000 of those records were imported directly from a different database.  One field in the table is "User".  This field is eventually going to be used as criteria for who should receive an automatically generated email.  In the current database, when a new record is created this field is populated from a drop down list, so that the name is always in the format First Name Last Name (ex. John Doe).  However, the imported records have a variety of inputs, including initials (ex. JD, JLD, John, etc).  Is there any way for me to automatically replace the current entry in the user field, lets say it is JLD, to John Doe?

There are only ~15 users, and none of the initials overlap.

Thank you for the help!