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find based on drop-down

Question asked by FrankBell on Jun 26, 2012
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find based on drop-down


This must be a very simple question... but I'm having trouble.

I want to execute a Perform Find based on a field which is selected via a value list. That is, a field (SelectColor) has a dropdown based on a value list (i.e. "blue", "yellow", "red", etc.); then I want the find to find records based on that selected color. I want to set the find up as "Table::color = SelectedColor". I suspect that my problem lies in how I've defined the field with the dropdown... I set it up as a global non-stored field in the table I'm working in, on the theory that it doesn't need to be a stored field for every record. But when I try to select that field in a find statement, the field is grayed out. What am I doing wrong???