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Find based on multiple rows in a portal

Question asked by neilticktin on Aug 15, 2014
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Find based on multiple rows in a portal


     I'm thinking that I'm just looking at this all wrong ... but let's see how folks chime in.

     Two tables -- people and registrations (assume registrations can be the values A-F).  Relationship via a "People ID"

     The people layout has a portal that shows all the registrations for that person in the portal.

     I want to do a find that has all the people that have registration A and registration F.  In other words, they cannot have just A or F, but need both.

     Since you can only search on one portal row for the record, and multiple finds requests are an "OR" not an "AND" -- what's the best way to do this?  (Note: There's a lot more than A-F, and there's more complexity and a lot of options -- I just distilled it down in this way to make it simple.)