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    Find button in status bar



      Find button in status bar


      How I'd get my cursor to go to company name instead of first name when I use the find button in the status bar. I never search on first name. When I hit find I then have to click on company name to search. Is there a way to change this. It would be nice to save a step.

      Thanks for any help


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          It's based on the tab order specified for the fields in your layout. You could enter layout mode, select 'set tab order...' and make the company name field the first in the tab order but that's probably not what you would want to see when you are in browse mode and creating/editing data.

          Up to writing a script with a script trigger on this layout?

          Write this one line script:

          go to Field [//select your company name field here]

          Then enter layout mode, select Layout setup... and click the script triggers tab.

          Select OnModeEnter and specify find mode.

          Select the script you have just written.

          Now, on just this one layout, if you enter find mode, either by clicking Find in the status area or using the keyboard shortcut, the script will put the cursor in the company name field instead of the first field in the layout's tab order.

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            I hope this dosen't post twice. I put my thanks in and it all disappered.

            Anyhow thank you so much, it worked just the way I wanted to.

            Thank You

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              Weird that it disappeared. I saw the original and now it is gone, but your latest is here. There are some nasty glitches in the forum that can 'eat' your post, but they kick in when you submit a new post and fail to post it, so this is a new one worth reporting to the forum moderator (ModMan)--which I'll do.