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    Find criteria..



      Find criteria..


      Ok.  Here is the deal.


      Across the top of my form I put 27 buttons:  [A]  [B]  [C]  .... [Z] [All]


      In ButtonSetup I specify the corresponding letter as a parameter to pass to the script below.  For example, when [J] is pressed I send "J" to the script.


      Each button acts as a find parameter in this script:


      Set error capture [on]
      sort records // not sure if index does this or not?
      enter find mode ()
      Set field[Members::LastName;Get(ScriptParameters)]
      Perform Find[]
      If [Get (LastError<>0]


      It works great.... until I get to [J].  In this case, my script finds Johnson, Jones and Follis Jr.


      (Obviously it is picking up the "J" in "Jr."


      What I need it to do is to pick off the left(lastname;1) as the parameter.


      Got any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.