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    find current month



      find current month


      What is calculation to:

      Find or Get current month in the date created field?

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          Have to do a bit of guessing here.  What about:

          Month ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )

          Okay, now the NoFields Bug has posted the rest of your question, you could substitute the Date Created Field for Get ( CurrentDate )

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            Took multiple tries to get the NoFIelds bug to take a hike, but did it by opening your post and re-typing the title.

            I'd use:

            Enter Find mode[]
            Set field [ YourTable::creationdateField ; Month ( get ( CurrentDate ) ) & "/" & Year ( Get ( Currentdate ) ) ]
            Set error capture [on]
            Perform Find []

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                   i have table in which all cutsomer information is displayed. In that i have put a portal which displays all their visits to the store. I want to generate a report which will help me look up all the customers which have come into the shop that month.


                   So my table is called ShopData and the field is called Date of Visit. At the moment it is just pulling random files. I am using filemaker13pro


                   Also how can  i see who is due for an appt next month at the shop. This is also in the table SHopData and field called FollowUp. Currently i can manage to pull all the follow ups which are required but i would like it so that everytime i click on it is shows me the next months only.


                   I cant seem to get it to work. Would very much appreciate if someone could help me write a script.

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                     my date all appears in on cell in teh format dd/mm/yyyy ... i hav tried teh suggestions above but they dont seem to work