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Find Exact Duplicates

Question asked by JoeTaureau on Dec 16, 2009
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Find Exact Duplicates


I've searched this forum and Google and unfortunately, i didn't find anything regarding finding exact duplicates.


I'm well aware of the "!" symbol to find all the duplicates in FM, but the problem with said symbol is that it's not precise enough.




Let's say i have a list of entries like this : 


- payment card

- payment account

- payment in advance

- payment card

- premium

- premium dollars investment currency

- premium interest rate

- premium


If i use the ! symbol, FM will return all of 'em as being duplicates. However, what i want to do is find all the exact duplicates, so he really should just give me both entries "payment card" and "premium".


Is there a way to do this, to find exact duplicates with a script ?