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find exact match from value list scripting for ==

Question asked by tomo17 on Apr 19, 2011
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find exact match from value list scripting for ==


I am trying to find relevant records using a drop down values lists.  my issue is that three of the options include the same word "perth" ie north perth, south perth and perth.  When i choose north or south perth if works fine but when i enter perth i get all of the records for perth, north, and south perth.  I have tried to script for an exact match using the == operator that is suggested in other posts but am hitting brick walls.

Here is the way that my database is currently set up:

layout 1 is a 'switchboard' or main menu.  i choose a button "location"  scripted to take me to a new layout and enter find mode.

layout 2 is a 'select search criteria' layout.  i have a drop down box that gives me values to choose and a button scripted to go to layout 3, and perform find records

Layout 3 is the 'report page' where i am trying to pull up related data to the location chosen.

I have tried to set field in the script button on layout 1 and/or layout 2 but no success

As i stated earlier it works when the options north and south are chosen but not when just 'perth' is selected.