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Find fields that match one value from a list

Question asked by ChahidDouaihy on Jan 7, 2013
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Find fields that match one value from a list




     I'm using FMP Advanced 12 on Windows 8.

     I have a simple FMP table (let's call it T) with about 100 Million records. I also have a list of values (let's call it L). These values are strings.

     I'm trying to basically perform a search on one field of table T (let's call it F) containing strings, where I would like to keep only records for which F contains any one of the values listed in L.

     Think of it as trying taking a phone book and searching for those who's last name is any one of 500 different predefined ones.

     Any output in table format (I imagine a FMP table would be the obvious solution?) would be great.

     I cannot seem to find a simple way to do so.

     Any help please?


     Thank you so much!