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    Find from repetition field



      Find from repetition field


      I want to find a spefic info from repetition two only and looks like it search all the ten repetitions.  Below is my search.  Field Parts is defined by repition 10.

      Enter Find Mode

      Set Filed[Parts[2];"32oz"]

      Perform Find

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          From Help On Line:

          Some FileMaker Pro features (like calculation and summary fields, and find requests) include all the values in a repeating field. For example, when you create a find request, FileMaker Pro searches for values in all repetitions, even those that aren't visible in the current layout. 

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            I suggest explaining why you are using a repeating field. There are alternatives to repeating fields that almost always turn out to be teh better option. (Repeating fields are a legacy feature in FileMaker best reserved for only a few specialized uses.)