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Find function flawed(?)

Question asked by ramaprem on Apr 8, 2012
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Find function flawed(?)


I am fairly new to FM, but have successfully created 3 databases, and am using them without issues - except one issue that I am unable to get a handle on.


I can do Finds - of all types. Partial (in which I type only the first few characters, or the last), and using modifiers (as*). They all work - except for the e-mail address field.

For this field, if I type (paste, of course) the actual/full content of the field (in other words, the full e-mail address), the Find request always turns up with no found records - even as I am staring at the very record that I am looking for. Pasting the first few characters - for example - works.

And this is true for all 3 databases: searching for the full address will always fail. And no other field exhibits this fault.


I give up. Well, not entirely - since I am asking you guys and gals here for help.