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    Find function flawed(?)



      Find function flawed(?)


      I am fairly new to FM, but have successfully created 3 databases, and am using them without issues - except one issue that I am unable to get a handle on.


      I can do Finds - of all types. Partial (in which I type only the first few characters, or the last), and using modifiers (as*). They all work - except for the e-mail address field.

      For this field, if I type (paste, of course) the actual/full content of the field (in other words, the full e-mail address), the Find request always turns up with no found records - even as I am staring at the very record that I am looking for. Pasting the first few characters - for example - works.

      And this is true for all 3 databases: searching for the full address will always fail. And no other field exhibits this fault.


      I give up. Well, not entirely - since I am asking you guys and gals here for help.


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          I just did the test and seem to be having the same problem.

          The full emailadress in find doesn't get fount.

          However the same adress in quickfind does get found.

          Only the first part (before the @) does get found by find.

          Pretty strange.

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            Thanks for your response.

            I feel better already - knowing that I am not alone.


            It's been driving me a bit bananas. I've thought of trashing the prefs file, re-installing the app...

            So perhaps it is a bug - and not a feature.

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              This may help, from the FM Help pages:


              A character with special meaning, such as the find operators recognized by FileMaker Pro:
              @, *, #, ?, !, =, <, >, " (escape next character)
              \ followed by the special character
              \"Joey\" finds "Joey"
              joey\@abc.net finds the email address joey@abc.net

              The @ character means find 'Joey' and any one character after that.

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                "This may help..."

                Yes - it certainly might. It does - since it completely explains the issue.


                I am not yet acquainted with all those "find operators" - and certainly did not know at "@" is one of them.

                Many thanks.

                I can stop eating those damn bananas.

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                  When you want to use a character that's one of the special operators as the actual character instead of as an operator, enclose your criteria in quotes.


                  including the quotes, will work to find all email addresses starting with "joey@".

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                    Thanks for this additional info; it's a big help.

                    FM is a big app!


                    A comment or two:

                    Because, in this particular case, I am looking for an e-mail address, it is easy to use the Quick Find function - since results can only be records which have that address in the field that interests me.

                    That does not change the accuracy of your hint/advice.

                    And - in the example given by you - the operator * would not be needed, since the string given occurs at the beginning of the address. "Joey@" would be all that is needed; the operator * would not.