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      Find help



      Here is my scenerio. I have a tabbed bax in my filemaker database which contains contact name. Theres is 10 tabs and they have the exact same thing in them they are jsut different field. For example, tab one has ContName1 tab two has ContName2 tab three has ContName3 and so on....Is there a way to put in a name in one of the tabs and have it search all the tabs at the same time even though they are different fields? Or will i have to go to each tab and do it seperatly each time? Thank you!

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          make a calculated field


          contnamesum = contname1 & " " & conname2 & " " ....  and so on


          and then do the search in contnamesum. and yes, you can put the sum field in tab11 named "search here"


          greetings from germany


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               Are you able to do this with a date field? I have a follow up in each tab and when I use this method it gives me really wierd numbers and wont find anything when i try to search, heres what i have.....FollowUp = Follow1 & " " & Follow2 & " " &  Follow3 & " " & Follow4 & " " & Follow5 & " " & Follow6 & " " & Follow7 & " " & Follow8 & " " & Follow9 & " " & Follow10 when i try to search for 6/15/09 it finds nothing yet the follow1 field has 6/15/09 in it? Im confused, any ideas?
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                 You should not be having a structure as such. Instead you should have a related table that stores each FollowUp as seperate records. Then the find would be quite easy.
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                Although "mr_vodka" has the ideal solution, there is another way to get the results you want.  In short, enter your "find" criteria into a Global field type, and then execute a script (via a button)


                Enter your information into a Global field, and then create a button that executes a script.  For example, pull down the File menu and select "Manage -> Database...".  Click on the "Fields" tab (if not already selected) and create a new text field "SEARCH".  After creating the field, click the "Options..." button, click the "Storage" tab, and check the option for "Use global storage (one value for all records)".  Click "OK" a couple of times to return to your database.


                Pull down the Scripts menu and select "Manage -> Scripts...".  In the bottom left corner, click the "New" button to create a new script.  Name it "Search ContName", and include the following steps:


                Set Error Capture [On]

                Set Variable [ $var ; SEARCH ]

                Enter Find Mode []

                Set Field [ ContName1 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName2 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request


                Set Field [ ContName3 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName4 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName5 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName6 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName7 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName8 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName9 ; $var ]

                New Record/Request

                Set Field [ ContName10 ; $var ]

                Perform Find []

                If [ Get (FoundCount) = 0 ]

                   Show Custom Dialog [ "No records found" ]

                End If




                In essence, this is taking the value from the SEARCH field, going into Find mode and looking for the contents of SEARCH in any of the 10 ContName fields.  If no records are found, a dialog box appears telling you so.


                To execute this script from a button, go into Layout Mode (View menu), draw an oval or rectangle, pull down the Format menu and select "Button Setup...".  Then, have it perform the script "Search ContName".


                Return to Browse Mode (View menu), enter a name in SEARCH and click the button/graphic.


                If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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