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Find in Calculated Field based on Summary Fields not working

Question asked by Pine on Jul 14, 2009
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Find in Calculated Field based on Summary Fields not working




I am trying to make it possible to find a "payback balance." This = months of obligation incurred by receiving grants, minus months worked to pay back the obligation). Primarily, I want to show the positive balances, which are the cases where an obligation still exists. Negative balances (less than zero) mean the obligation has been more than paid off, so I would like to (be able to) omit those. 


My find for > or < than 0 is for a calculated field (payback_balance_c) that's based on two summary fields. It doesn't work! The find doesn't work for values other than zero, and the "omit" function doesn't work, either.


payback_balance_c produces correct calculations, but I can't find subsets based on those calculated results. If I enter >9, >0, omit something, etc., it returns all records. If I search for a specific result that I can SEE is in there, it says no records match that request!


The calculation uses two tables: Grant and Job.  In Grant, payback_balance_c = total_pb_due_s - Job::sSumMosPdBack.


  • total_pb_due_s = Total of pb_due_c    [where pb_due_c = If ( term = "sem" ; 4.5 ; 3 )]
  • Job::sSumMosPdBack = Total of months_paidback    [where months_paidback_c = days_paidback_c / 30, and where days_paidback_c = end_date - start_date]

I am using FMP 10.0 ver1. All calculations are unstored.

Suggestions would be appreciated!