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Find instances of font and change to another font

Question asked by PhilCondon on Aug 13, 2015
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Find instances of font and change to another font


My company just recently upgraded from FMP 12 to FMP 14. We use a non system font in house for our databases (Formata). There seems to be an issue with how FMP12 and FMP14 name/recognize fonts. FMP12 lists a font we use as Formata LightItalic (No space between light and italic) while FMP14 shows that font as Formata Light Italic. Basically any text that was set in FMP12 with Formata LightItalic isn't properly being recognized as Formata Light Italic and is defaulting to Helvetica. Is there any sort of script or something I can run to find those instances of Helvetica and replace with Formata Light Italic? Note: We style texts within fields with different fonts so it can't be a total field font change, just the text within fields that happens to be Helvetica.