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Find issue on Mac v10 but not PC v 11

Question asked by RGoyette on Jun 18, 2014
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Find issue on Mac v10 but not PC v 11


     I have a pull down menu that will execute a script OnOjbectModify.  This works correctly on a PC running FMPro version 11 but not on a Mac running version 10.  Anyone have an idea why not. 

     here is the script:

     Set Variable [ $bl; Value:Beamline Info::Beam Line Key ]
     Show All Records
     Enter Find Mode [ ]
     New Record/Request
     Set Field [ Beamline Info::Beam Line; $bl ]
     Set Error Capture [ On ]
     Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Beamline Info::Beam Line: “==$bl” ][ Restore ]
     Show All Records
     Commit Records/Requests[ No dialog ]
     Halt Script

     FYI The $bl is set correctly, as I can verify if I print it out with Show Custom Dialog right before the Find, but the find comes up empty on the Mac.