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Find last 2 numbers of a price, in a number field

Question asked by NormD on Oct 29, 2014
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Find last 2 numbers of a price, in a number field


Did a quick check on the forums for this "simple" find snag but didn't come up with a solution.

In a text field, I can do a simple find request (no search operators) for any word or combination of letters and it returns exactly what I asked for. ... even tried searching for the letter "q" in a text field of over 150 records. FMP found every one of them no matter where it appeared in the field. Now, a couple of fields over, I want to do the same thing in a number field...  find all the prices that end in  00... ie. 4.00, 7.00, 2.00 etc. (omitting values of 2.99, 3.49, 5.99 etc)

For example....  in the number field (rounding to two decimals) find:  00
( in the text field mentioned above: find q)

Although there are hundreds of numbers that end in 00, it finds none and offers up the dialog box to Cancel or Modify the find. Is it something simple I'm missing?