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    Find last deposit



      Find last deposit


           Hi -

           I have a table in which all payments by all clients are reported.

           Would it be possible to perform a find in which I get the last payment per client?




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               I don't see a way for a simple standard FileMaker find to do that, but there are alternative approaches that may work. Some require FileMaker 12 or 13 to do.

               What version of FileMaker are you using?

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                 We are using both versions.

                 We have a Filemaker Pro 12 license on one computer and a FileMaker 13 license on another.

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                   Well there's a lot more than two versions out there in use. wink

                   I was still waking up when I first read your post. On re-reading, I see that I was over complicating this. The following will work with all recent versions of FileMaker:

                   Presumably you have this relationship, though your table and field names may differ:


                   Customers::__pkCustomerID = Payments::_fkCustomerID

                   And presumably, you have a date field in payments to record the date a payment was received.

                   If, in this relationship, you double click the relationship line between customers and payments, you can open a dialog box where you can specify a sort order for Payments that sorts the related records by Date in descending order.

                   You can then set up a list view or table view layout based on Customers and include fields from Payments on this layout/in this view. When you add fields from a related table and don't put them in a portal, the "first related record" will supply the data shown in the fields. By specifying this sort order, you make the most recent related record the "first record".

                   Note: setting up this sort order at the relationship level may affect other parts of your database. To keep them unchanged, you may need to add a new Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? for payments so that you can use it to set up this sorted relationship while keeping the rest of your database unchanged.

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                     Ok thanks, I got them sorted. But how can I get an overview of each client and only the date of the last payment date via performing a find?

                     So only the 'first record' per client is shown?

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                       No find is used in this method. You just go to this  layout and this data is displayed on it due to how the relationship is set up.

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                         So there is no possibility for me to get this kind of overview? (client + last payment date)

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                           Please read my posts again. You can get exactly what you are describing if you follow my suggestions.

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                             Sorry I didn't get the layout creation first, but now I have got it. You rock :) !!