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Find matching field value and set field

Question asked by ShaikhAtta1238 on Feb 28, 2012
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Find matching field value and set field


I have a table WORKPLAN in which I have set up a field DAY/MONTH/YEAR it includes records from JAN/2012 to DEC/2012 like this 


WorkID           Month/YEAR            Status

1                        26/Jan/2012          1

2                        26/Feb/2012          1

3                        26/March/2012       0

4                        26/April/2012         0

5                       26/May/2012           0


and another table named Deliverable which has the below fields. 


Report                          Deadline Date                     Status

Monthly Jan Report           25/JAN/2012                         0

Monthly Feb Report           25/FEB/2012                         0

Monthly March Report        25/MARCH/2012                    0

Monthly April Report           25/APRIL/2012                     0



Now I want to set up a button on the WORKPLAN layout name SUBMIT by which when clicked I want it to find the MONTH/YEAR in the Deliverable table and match the record and set the Status field of Deliverable table to 1.