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Find Matching Records in 2 Tables

Question asked by TomKellen on Jun 3, 2011
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Find Matching Records in 2 Tables


I have 2 tables one of all users and another with active users.  The table of all users is larger than the active users table and has many more fields (email, first name, last name, address, city, state, etc.) the smaller table of active users has just email, firstname & lastname fields.

What I want to do is find the records in the all users table (which has the detail info) based in the users in the active users table.  I've linked the email field in the two tables since that should be unique, so what I basically want to do is show the detailed user informaiton from all users if they exist in the table active users.  I guess it would be something like a query that would look at each row in active users and grab the email field, then if that address is in all users it would display the record from all users.

Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated!