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find mode in loop condation

Question asked by lamp on Oct 10, 2014
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find mode in loop condation


Dear All,

Please help.

I have two tables (Company and Query)

I am trying to know how many Quires the Companies have made.

The following script works only with one company. It shows the number of calls a company has made.

Set Error Capture [On]

Go to Layout ["Company Calls" (Company)]

Set Variable [$ComID: Value:Company::CompanyID]

Go to Layout ["Query" (Query)]

Enter Find Mode[]

Set Field [Query::fk_CompanyID; $ComID]

Perform Find[]

Set Field [Company::Company all Calls; Get ( FoundCount)]

Go to Layout ["Company Calls" (Company)

As I have 60 companies or more. How Can I get the result of all on one click ( how to put it in loop).

Please let me know if more detail are need it.

I appreciate your help.