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    Find mode issue



      Find mode issue


      In one of my Data bases I am encountering an issue when I do a find.  when I find records the DB is including blank records for each record found in the set. say I search for records with food and 5 records exsist, the db finds 10, 5 of which are blank. those blanks don't actually exisit before I do the find it creates them and adds them to the found set. very strange only in one of my Dbs not the others.  Any suggestions?

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             Are you performing the find by hand or with a script?
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               by hand I don't know how to do scripts
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              Just to clarify,


              You enter find mode and type "food" in the text field of a database that has say 50 total records, click Perform find and you get a found set of 10 records, 5 are blank and your total record count is now 55 records?


              or do you still see the same total records in the task bar that you started with?

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                   The total number of records doesn't change but the found set says 10 when there are only 5 records to be found and the others in the found set of 10 are blank. it is mostly annoying more than anything because I have to wade through them to get to what I was wanting and don't understand why it does it
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                  It's hard to diagnose something like this at long distance. The file could be damaged. Damaged files can exhibit this kind of behavior where find and sort operations don't work as expected. There could be something else going on also.


                  Here's a simple test for possible file damage:


                  Launch filemaker without opening your file.


                  Select File | Recover and follow the steps to generate a recovered copy of the file. If the Recover process reports back that "no problems were found", you probably don't have a damaged file. In either case, open the recovered copy and try the same find operation as before and see if you get the same results.


                  If the recover operation corrects the problem, you have a damaged file, replace it with a back up copy that is not damaged. I do not recommend trying to use the recovered copy of the file. It may be fine, but there is still a chance that the recovered file has problems that the recover process did not repair or the recover operation may have changed/deleted part of your database design in order to rescue the data.


                  You can use Import Records to import data from your recovered file into your back up if necessary.

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                       Thanks I will try that, I have made a copy of the file in the past and the problem was perpetuated in the new file but I will try and see if there is damage. Thanks.
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                         I I did a file recover and it said that there were no damages to the files.  I am wondering if I have some how turned something on unknowingly, my other databases haven't had this problem
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                        There are other possible explanations.


                        I'd also try opening the recovered file and trying out your find request to see what happens. The recover has also rebuilt all your field's indexes and this might have fixed the problem. If so, we can rebuild the index to your current file to fix the problem.

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                             If you have already reindexed your field, then take a look to see if you have a possible multi-line. Are you 100% certain those records dont have Food in it? Were you using a valist list at one point on that field?
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                            Stina Marie wrote:


                            ... those blanks don't actually exisit before I do the find it creates them and adds them to the found set.



                            what happens if you try to delete those blanks records ?

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                                 ok so the recovered copy doesn't add the blank records when I search, so now what?
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                                What you should try is take the orig file ( not the recovered one ) and turn off indexing on that field, save the changes, and then turn on indexing again.


                                See if that works...



                                Edit: Fixed typo

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                                  That strongly suggests that you had a scrambled index on the field you were searching. Fortunately, the recover operation didn't report any problems.


                                  Open your original file, Select File | Manage | Database | Fields.

                                  Double Click the field definition for the field on which you were searching.

                                  Select the storage tab of the field options dialog that now pops up.

                                  Set Indexing to "none" and click OK until you get back to your layout.

                                  Now attempt to find your records and hopefully you're up and running.

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