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    Find Mode Issue



      Find Mode Issue



      I am having a problem with the Find Mode button or Find Mode Script function... I have a TextField, with multiple checkboxes from a ValueList.

      Start 01 [ ]  Start 02 [ ]  Start 03 [ ]  etc ->

      End 01 [X]  End 02 [ ]  End 03 [ ]  etc ->

      If I select "End 01" it will show me everything in both Start 01" and "End 01"

      The only way around this I've found is to use a Script that uses Preform Find, which works, but isn't ideal in certain situations, since I would like to pass along a variable. (didn't think that was possible)


      Any help would be great, thanks!

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          Might this be a field of type number instead of text?

          As a number field, clicking End 01 and Start 01 enters the same value into the field's index, the number 1 and this index is what is searched in a find to find records so that would match your description of what is happening here.

          But the way check box fields store data generated by clicking check boxes can also produce unexpected results when multiple values are selected.

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            Yes, I've double checked and it's a TextField. Possibly it was in the past, would changing the indexing help? Seems so simple of a problem =(

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              I ran the following tests in FileMaker 13, Windows 7:

              I created a brand new file with a single text field. I formatted it with a custom value list of the following values:

              Start 01
              Start 02
              Start 03
              End 01
              End 02
              End 03

              IF I create 4 records and select only Star 01 in two of them and only select End 01 in the other two. I can enter find mode, select Start 01 and I only get the two records with Start 01 selected. If repeat this process, but specify End 01, I also correctly find just the two records with End 01.

              But I will now draw your attention to this statement:

              But the way check box fields store data generated by clicking check boxes can also produce unexpected results when multiple values are selected.

              If I select both Start 01 and End 03 in the same record. entering Find Mode and selecting End 01 will find both the previous 2 records and this new record. If you look at the text, you'll see that the text "end" and the text "01" are both present as separate "words" in this 5th record's check box field. So specifying the search criteria "End 01" also finds this third record as it also has those two words.

              Here's one work around: Put a copy of this field on your layout without the check box formatting. Enter find mode and specify "End 01" in quotes. This will find the original two records but omit this 5th record.

              You could also modify your values so that you have Start01, Start02 or Start_01, Start_02 so that you don't have two word values in your value list.

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                Got it, understanding the issues I have and works good when adding the quotes in... 

                How could I add in those quotes to my field, so that when searching it comes up correctly?

                For example I have a popup valuelist with Start 01, Start 02, etc... under a global field called Projects::NumberFilter, when selecting an item it does a script to enter find mode and set the search. But since its not working well without the quotes, how can I add them in to "stack" together Quote & Projects::NumberFilter & Quote type of thing...?

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                  Ahh searched around...  "\"" & Projects::NumberFilter & "\""


                  Thanks a bunch Phil!

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                    Or you could use: Quote ( Projects::NumberFilter  )

                    Hope NumberFilter is a field with global storage.