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Find Most Relevant Contact for Each Organisation in Database

Question asked by AndrewBurnie on Dec 5, 2013
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Find Most Relevant Contact for Each Organisation in Database


     I'm currently trying to create a database of contacts for my business. We are then given a database of one or two contacts for each of the organisations we do business with. At the moment this is just one table so the business address, name etc are just repeated within each contact record. This is being changed to a two table database with businesses and contacts separated and joined using a unique ID for each business. Within each of these organisations the contacts we have over 1000 different job titles for these contacts. From this list of job titles I have managed to classify them into about 20 different categories that I am able to rank in terms of importance to us. 

     When we do mailings we want to send them to a name in each organisation (where we have one) and that should be the most relevant contact in that organisation. Is there a way of finding only the highest ranked record for each unique organisation ID?

     Thanks in advance for any advice!