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Find multiple records on another table from one layout?

Question asked by ChristopherKessler on Jun 13, 2014
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Find multiple records on another table from one layout?


     I have a table that has "People" information, including a field for where a person is housed (ie, his or her address). The values for this field come from a field on another table for information on those houses.

     The houses table has a calculation field that counts up the number of people in each house, based on what is entered in the People table (ie, how many records of that table have this specific house's address). This works great, but I would like to have a button on the Houses table layout that will go to all the people records that have this address entered.

     In this way, I could create a house in the house database and give it an address. I then would go to the person database and create three or four of them and select this new house address for each of them. Then if I go back to the house database layout, I want to be able to click that "Show all people" button to have FM go to the people database and only show the records of people who are in that house.

     I can do this from the People table, but cannot seem to do it from the Houses table. For example, if I have a field in the People database that has a count of who is in the specific house, and then create a relationship via the address field to another instance of the same People database, then I can create a button to go to the related records based on this relationship, and all of the people in this house will be displayed as I want. My problem is I want to do this from the layout of another table (that for the Houses) and not from the People database.

     Is this possible to do, and if so, how?