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    find non empty date field



      find non empty date field


      Using FMP 6.0, is it possible to find within a subset just those records with dates? I want an "is not empty" but can't find a search criterion that doesn't require an actual date in FMP 6.

      Jay Gamel

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          If I assume that (say) you have no valid date prior to 1/1/1960, then searching for dates >1/1/1960 omits any blank dates.

          Putting the search criterion '=' into the date field also finds any that are blank.

          If you want to add it as a necessary condition to your original search then just add it to your search criteria as an 'Omit' request.

          You could add it as a request using 'Constrain Found Set' but I think that feature came out after version 6.

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            Thanks, the equal sign dropped out of my tiny head this morning ...  Jay

            And OMIT works just fine, too.