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Find Nonstandard Dates in preparation for converting files

Question asked by staffordavid on Aug 6, 2009
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Find Nonstandard Dates in preparation for converting files


I am trying to convert a database containing over a dozen files from FMP 5.5 to 10.0v3. I had trouble with the files after my first try, so I am back to square one. In the kb article Conversion & Migration: Things To Think About Before Converting Your File(s) To the latest version of FileMaker Pro I found this little gem: "Furthermore, FileMaker Pro no longer supports nonstandard date separators. In other words, dates like 3*21*03 and 3$21$03 that were accepted as valid dates in previous versions of FileMaker Pro; will not be recognized as valid dates in current versions of FileMaker Pro. It is recommended that a Find and Replace be done on any affected date field so that the proper date separator is used."

How do I Find and Replace? I think I have used spaces, hard spaces, hyphens, and slashes, and perhaps asterisks as separators on quite a few records. What are the standard date separators?