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Find of data between a start_date and end_date

Question asked by JohnMulder on Dec 29, 2010
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Find of data between a start_date and end_date



Use FM Pro 9

Coming (with difficulty) from an MS Access background.

I have a simple time billing database, which tracks hours worked on specific days.

Fields: Date, Time_start, Time_finish, hours(calculation) etc

I want to generate a report of hours worked between different dates -viz: fortnight blocks Mon-Sunday. In Access I would make a form (layout) which had 2 non-linked text boxes for Start_date and End_date, then write a query which looked at the dates in these text-boxes to specify which date range to search - a find.

Can you have text boxes in FM which are not linked to a table/field?

If you can, then can you then perform a find from the values in those text boxes?