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Find on calculated field returns no matching records

Question asked by DavidAyer on Jul 10, 2013
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Find on calculated field returns no matching records


     I'm using Filemaker Pro 11.0v3.  I have a calculation field which uses data from related tables, so the calculation result is unstored. When I perform a find on the field it returns no matching values although I'm certain those values exist in the data.

     I've done some Googling, but I can't find a solution to this exact problem.

     Other information:

  •           The calculation result is stored appropriately as text.
  •           The field shows a magnifying glass, indicating that it is searchable.
  •           The QuickFind indicator is yellow, so I would expect slow searching but not no searching. Ticking or unticking the QuickFind box doesn't change things.
  •           Ctrl-I in the field to show the index shows nothing (as expected)--but should it show an error message or just no result?
  •           The file is hosted on a server in our organization, not on my local machine--some threads I have found suggest this might be a problem.

     Anyone have an idea on this?