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Find on unstored calc field producing strange results

Question asked by gordonkil on Jul 18, 2013
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Find on unstored calc field producing strange results


     I have an unstored calc field, see below, which checks if two fields are the same and shows 'x' if they are not. Since upgrading to Filemaker Advanced 12.0v4 from v3, performing a find on this field gives bizarre results, eg when I search for 'x' it returns results where the field is actually blank.

     The fields involved in the calc are both in the same table. Stock_Level is a calc field based on related records and is hence not indexable.

     The file is not damaged and verifies.

     If I take a copy of this file from backup and perform the find on that un-hosted file, the find returns the correct results, using both v4 and v3, which leads me to suspect there is an issue with FileMaker Server.

     I'm using Server Advanced and FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v4. I'm aware there is an upgrade to Server available but cannot find any reference to this issue. Anyone have any idea?

     this is the calc field:-


     If ( 
     Stock_Level ≠ Stock_Level_index;