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    find operator not working



      find operator not working


      I have three related tables, A B C, and a report with fields from each, created in Table A. A multiple find request that includes a C field does not work. It is a number field and I want to find records less than a particular number; i.e. <123. The fields for A and B are found perfectly, but not the C field with the "<" operator function. It is a number field in hte C table and in the A table report.


      Any ideas?


      Jay Gamel


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          People often get suprised when they start specifying find criteria in fields from a related table. You can't find records this way in the related table you can only find records in the layout's table that have at least one related table matching the criteria specified.

          Your criteria shown will find all Table A records that have Active, have "call" in the frequency table and that have at least one related record in Table C with a value less than 495 in the IssueID.

          I predict that if you were to put a portal to TableC on this layout, you'd find each and every record found has at least one row in the portal where IssueID is less than 495--it's just not the only related record in that table and what's shown is a different related record and thus your find appears to fail.