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    Find Option Not Working for Imported Records



      Find Option Not Working for Imported Records


      Filemaker 10


      I have a layout where I enter records for clinical rotations.  A student ID is entered which pulls the in the first name, last name and graduation class from a linked student database.  Records for 2012 were imported using a spreadsheet.  The names & class information appear correctly on the records, but when you try doing a "find", it comes back as "no records found." Also, the rotations go in the student record via a portal.  The data is also not showing on the portal.  Previous years were done on the same layout, but entered individually (not imported).  There is no problem doing a find for these records and they also show up on the portal.  Any ideas as to what the problem may be?  The student ID is 7 digit number.

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          I would guess that the Student ID is an auto-entered serial number field in the field that receives the imported data. If you import the data but do not click the check box for enabling auto-enter operations, this field would then be blank though the data from the spreadsheet correctly imports.

          If I am guessing correctly, you can delete these records and import them again with this option enabled, or you can make a back up copy, go to a layout based on this table where the ID field is accessible, perform a find to get just this set of records, and use Replace Field Contents to assign serial numbers to them.