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Find or script to identify unique values

Question asked by trialuser1111 on Nov 11, 2009
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Find or script to identify unique values


I have a table which tracks client meetings and very often times there is more than one meeting per event.  Is there a way to ask FileMaker to identify the list of unique values in a field?  For example, I'd like FileMaker to help me create a list of the events a client attended throughout the year, listing each event once regardless of how many meetings there were.  So if I had the following list:


Client    Meeting     Event

XYZ      A               Conference 1

XYZ      B               Conference 1

XYZ      C               Conference 1

XYZ      D               Conference 1

XYZ      B               Conference 2

XYZ      E               Conference 2

XYZ      F               Conference 2

XYZ      C               Conference 3


and ran this search/script, the returning results would only be:


XYZ      Conference 1

XYZ      Conference 2

XYZ      Conference 3


and from there I can look up the relevant info on the event for the report.