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Find out if record exists without destroying found set

Question asked by BatMan on May 27, 2010
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Find out if record exists without destroying found set




here's another problem I'm encountering in FM Pro 11 Advanced: I would like to check if there exists a record with a given name before I create a new one with that name. So I run a script that enters find mode, searches for all records with that name, goes back to browse mode, and upon error or empty found set, the new record can be created, otherwise the user is notified that the name is taken. Now, in the case where a record exists already, the user will be left with a layout showing that one record, instead of the selection he had before the script entered find mode. This is very confusing. How can I search for existence of a record without destroying the found set the user has currently displayed? Is there a way to "remember and restore" the prevously selected set? Or can I check if a record exists without entering find mode?


Thank you for any hints!