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Find problem in Web Publishing

Question asked by KBGF75 on Apr 4, 2009
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Find problem in Web Publishing


This is another FMP beginner's question. The FM7 file has two tables: Contacts (~40 fields) and Donations (10 fields). When a user accesses the file via a browser (IE7 or Firefox 3.0.7) and selects Find mode, he is not able to enter search data into 17 of the 40 Contacts fields. There's simply no cursor response when he tries to select one of those 17 fields. This problem occurs only in a particular layout, call it Layout A. In other layouts that include one or more of the 17 fields, the behavior seems normal.


Layout A includes all 40 fields of the Contacts table, plus a portal view of most Donations fields.


Most non-responsive fields were created about the same time. Most are text fields, a couple are numbers, one auto-enter. I've seen no field option choices that distinguish responsive from non-responsive fields. All other fields in both tables seem to behave normally in other modes, both in IWP and at the host PC.