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Find problem...

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 27, 2011
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Find problem...


OK. This really isn't a FIND problem. I think FIND is working as designed. It is more of a 'user' problem. But, here goes:

I wrote this script: see below
The first line sets a variable $LastFirst equal to a concatenation of last and first names.
Everything works great until I get to the 2nd from the bottom line. (In Blue)
That PERFORM FIND ($LastFirst) locates the record that was showing BEFORE the PERFORM FIND "Members" or PERFORM FIND "Candidate" BUT IT RESETS THE RECORD COUNT TO 1 of 1. (which is should)

Question: "Is there some way to do a find on all the "Members", for example, and then locate the record that was showing BEFORE the FIND and thereby avoid the record 1 of 1? (which should be more like 1 of 14)