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    Find question



      Find question


      I have a layout that contains numerous fields including a field named "status."  The values are from a value list and include:

      Open Case
      Closed Case
      Pending Fee
      NEVER retained
      Inactive prospect
      Get MPR
      Inquiry only

      I want to duplicate the layout that I like and then rename it to open and find Open case, Pending fee and Get MPR records.  I can't figure out how to do that.  I also want to duplicate it and be able to pull up only closed cases and Never retained and Inactive files. 

      How do I do the find so that it 1) will collect more than one value and 2) do it without my intervention when the layout is selected and opened.






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          Do you know how to create scripts? Here's a script for your first layout:

          Enter Find Mode[] // clear the find check box
          Set Field [Yourtable::Yourfield ; "Open case" ]
          new record/request
          Set Field [Yourtable::Yourfield ; "Pending fee"]
          new record/request
          Set Field [Yourtable::Yourfield ; "Get MPR records"]
          Set Error Capture [on]
          Perform Find []

          You can use the OnLayoutEnter trigger to perform this script when the layout is first entered.

          PS. I am assuming that after you duplicate the layout, you will be modifying the design of the layout to customize it for those types of records--otherwise there's no real reason to duplicate it.